Controversy at Gurudwara Akal Bunga Exposes Poor Performance of AAP: Peer Mohammad

Controversy at Gurudwara Akal Bunga Exposes Poor Performance of AAP: Peer Mohammad 

Assaulting Journalists: A Direct Assault on Freedom of Expression Says, Peer Mohammad 

SAD Condemns Incident and Urges Action

Punjab India News

Jalandhar November 23, 2023: ( ) The recent controversy surrounding the clash between Nihang Singh groups at Gurudwara Akal Bunga in Sultanpur Lodhi has shed light on the inadequate performance of the current Chief Minister and his administration. Karnail Singh Peer Mohammad, General Secretary and Spokesperson of (SAD) Shiromani Akali Dal, expresses deep dismay over the incident.

Peer Mohammad directs criticism towards the Chief Minister Punjab, emphasizing that the religious sentiments of the Sikh panth have been deeply hurt. Moreover, he asserts that the Aam Aadmi Party's Punjab Chief Minister is equally guilty like Congress party for the misuse of police forces at religious places, which is distressing and unacceptable. This incident underscores the government's lack of experience and incompetence, highlighting its failure.

Additionally, Peer Mohammad strongly condemns the mistreatment suffered by Balwinder Singh, a journalist and cameraman from PTC channel, who was covering this critical occasion. The actions of the involved police officers, including the twisting of his fingers, amount to an assault on democracy and an attempt to stifle freedom of expression.

Shiromani Akali Dal vehemently denounces these actions and demands prompt and appropriate action be taken.

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